• The Yavapai Ranch

      Encompasses more than 100,000 acres

      • The Yavapai Ranch, which  encompasses more than 100,000 acres, was formed around the time of WW II by the amalgamation of five smaller ranches. The oldest of these was homesteaded in 1868, so that the Yavapai Ranch is one of the oldest continually operating ranches in Arizona. A second homestead in the Southwest of the ranch provides a picturesque remote settlement with a log cabin that is one of the oldest pioneer building standing in Yavapai County.

      • The remainder of the private land on the ranch was part of the land grant under the Atlantic and Pacific Act of 1866 by which the first four transcontinental railroads were given alternate sections in a checkerboard formation on either side of the railroad. Thus almost the entire ranch is composed of alternating private and National Forest sections lying withing the borders of the Prescott National Forest. It is the last large railroad checkerboard within the National Forest boundaries in the southwest. 

      • The ranch is located between 5000 and 7000 feet in elevation, which in Northern Arizona goes from grassland to Piñon-Juniper woodlands to Ponderosa-Oak forests. The Piñon-Juniper woodland is the largest part. 

      • The predominant range grass is Blue Gramma, which can be found on every section of the ranch; Sideoats Gramma, Western Wheat and Squirreltail are the predominant cool season grasses.

      • Many of the sections on the ranch have absolutely fabulous views out over the surrounding lowlands. In many places one can see 75 miles to the San Francisco Peaks to the NE, toward the Aquarius cliffs to the North, and to the Hualapai Mountains to the West.